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Professional Ways of Treating Your Lawns

During the holiday season, lawns do not get the proper care that is needed. This is especially the summer months when everybody is out there enjoying him or herself. In this period, the lawns get space to thrive. Problems start changing the growing lawns. Stressful and unhealthy plants are some of the results. When the following practices are followed, the lawns are in a healthy manner able to navigate through the summer.

Ensuring that your turf plant is well given water should be your first priority. As you know, the hot summer usually dries the soil thus watering of the lawns is necessary. Watering ensures that the roots of the lawns go deep past the soil profile level where evaporation does not happen. This will help the plant to get moisture for itself when you don’t regularly water them. The hot conditions will not affect the lawn because it is drought resistant.

When you notice that they want to wither, watering the plant will assist it to become tough. At such a time, give it a long drink of water.
It is also important to apply fertilizers during the spring. This will in a great way help your lawns to be healthy in the following summer season. The same would be helpful even during winter. The fertilizer should be applied before the summer and winter seasons. The lawns acquire nutrients from the fertilizer which helps it to grow healthy.
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In this season, you should also ensure that the lawn is mowed. Mowing reduces loss of soil moisture which as mentioned earlier can cause many problems to your turf. If the plant is long and healthy, reducing it to a short height is good. When your turf is less perfect, increasing the height during mowing would be advisable. The increase in length enables the leaves of the lawn to shade and further insulate the soil with moisture. Recycling the lawn clippings could be a helpful exercise. The recycled clips not only do they prevent water loss through evaporation but also provide essential nutrients to the other lawns. This will help you to avoid the cost of buying fertilizer.
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Controlling the pest and weeds affecting your turf is another crucial exercise. The perfect time do spray any chemicals be it the pesticides would be before the hot summer. Spraying should be done in spring when the weather is a bit mild. The pesticides and weed control chemicals are effective in mild conditions.

At times, doing all of these may not be possible, you should consider therefore getting a professional to do it for you.

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